Your very own stylist helping you to change up your look…

“The joy of dressing is an art.”

– John Galliano


Do you sometimes look in the mirror and think…

‘I’m wearing the same thing again, I wish I could change my look up!’

Well, now you can by playing the Girl Behind The Look Style Up Challenge…


Every month, I give you a prompt for each day and all you need to do is in corporate it into your look and share it on Instagram.

Yes, it is totally that simple!

What it involves…

Incorporate these items into your look and share it with us on Instagram with the #gbtlstyleup

  • Not only do I love seeing what all the creative gals put together, the challenge encourages me to shop my closet and try new combinations and looks. Even us style bloggers can get in a rut, style challenges are a huge help!

    Suzanne Bell
  • This challenge helps me try new things with my clothes that I wouldn't have thought of myself!

    Jamie Moore
  • Love style challenges like this one because it helps me flex my creative skills with my clothes. It's only been within the last 5 years that I've started to find my fashion sense.


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