Is There Really Starting To Be Diversity In Fashion


Diversity Fashion

Is there really starting to be diversity in Fashion… you all know that I truly believe that all women are beautiful no matter what shape and size she comes in. I hate that we are in a society where we are made to feel and look a certain way… this is why back in June 2017, I ran Body Positivity and Confidence week because I am so passionate about changing society’s view on this. You can imagine how happy and proud, I was when I saw a tweet from one of my guest speakers from that week, Stephanie from Nerd About Town, who was featured in Elle Magazine sharing her experiences with fashion and society.

Why did this make me happy… because it is only when we stand together and speak out that we begin to challenge society, that we make it better! But when I clicked through I was shocked by what I read… you see for me all I saw from Stephanie’s tweet was her name and Elle. It made me happy to see someone that I admire be featured in a magazine. 


What shocked, upset and angered me was this…

“On 6 August, I uploaded a blog post to my website talking about why it was so important for black women to be included within the body positivity movement. Within 24 hours, my Twitter feed was inundated with nearly 1,500 responses to the post, primarily filled with vulgar, racist, fatphobic comments.

The most disconcerting thing about the whole experience wasn’t the fact that I was being compared to fictional monkeys and apes, being told that I was going to die at 40, or that I looked like a ‘fat house slave’. It was that I felt absolutely nothing. Not anger, not irritation, not shock. Nothing.”

You see the Elle article linked back to Stephanie’s blog post entitled ‘Black Fat Women Matter Toowhere she shares her thoughts on this matter.


Why did this article upset and anger me…


a) that I am still living in a world where people are so small minded and believe that they are better and more superior than other people because of their colour, ethnic background etc… when at the end of the day we ALL bleed the same colour…


b) That these beautiful women are not represented within the plus size community… because like I said… I believe that ALL (Yes ALL!) WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT SHAPE OR SIZE THEY COME IN!


For me, the beautiful Stephanie is a powerful role model in this fight not just for the plus size community but also the black and other ethnic communities that for years have been forgotten about and made to feel that they can’t have a voice.


It is women like Stephanie, that are speaking out, that are making a difference to this crazy world and that will change young girl’s lives because of their powerful voices! You can’t imagine how honoured I was to have this beautiful woman as part of my week because for me we are so much more powerful when we are standing together and saying that enough is enough…



Diversity Fashion

At the same time that week, I sat down with a coffee and the latest issue of Grazia magazine, it was the Big Fashion Issue which featured New York Fashion Week coverage and I was excited to read all about the trends that will be influencing us all next season.


The editor’s letter, the first thing I always read when opening a magazine, was an interesting one because she was sharing her thoughts on this issue as it featured ‘three of the most influential women in fashion right now’ (her words not mine).


These beautiful women were Halima Aden, a Muslim model, Lauren Hutton who is still modelling at the age of 73 and has 50 years of experience of been in front of the camera and finally Hilary Rhoda who is showing us even at 30 you can still be a supermodel, although the latter one I am struggling with because isn’t the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Helena Christensen already showing us this?


The thing that stood out for me the most in the letter was the fact that Natasha Pearlman admitted this…

“In 2016, we were the first British fashion magazine to put Ashley Graham on the cover. Have we stuck to our guns and featured enough diverse body shapes since? No. And we hold up our hands. But this issue marks the start of that change.”

And yes, as I flick through the magazine there are adverts for Simply Be (a British plus-sized brand) and it does feel different until I reach an article entitled “The Plus Size Conspiracy” and do you know what I realise… that Stephanie is completely right, not one image in this article is of a woman from an ethnic background.


I recently watched a Ted Talk on YouTube by model Cameron Russell where she shared that in 2007, and NYC student counted the models on the runway and of the 677 models hired, only 27 of them, which is less than 4%, were non-white.

As much as the fashion and beauty industry believes it is changing, for me, it is not changing fast enough. In 2017, I shouldn’t be writing an article about this because these industries, that have the biggest influence on society, should be representing EVERYONE!


So why given that I am privileged through no choice of my own other than the colour of my skin did I feel so strongly about writing this post… Because I don’t like the fact that these women are not been represented…


I have many friends, all with beautiful different skin tones from me and…


I WANT my friends to be represented in society…


I WANT my children and my friend’s children to be represented in society…


I WANT you to be represented in society…


I WANT everyone to have role models and be inspired by everyone…


because there are so many beautiful WOMEN out there that are doing some truly inspiring things!


By me speaking out and saying that this is not right, will spark thoughts and discussions in a positive way because it is only when we all stand together and DEMAND that the industries and society change, that they will be forced to change faster and for the better.


Do you think that the Fashion and Beauty industries are changing fast enough to feature ALL women from ALL ethnic backgrounds?

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  • Michelle

    Great article. I think there is a little more diversity on the runways and in magazines. The biggest problem lies with a lot of my favorite stores. As I a size 10 I have to wear the biggest size in lot of them and sometimes they won’t even fit. Who are they making these clothes for?

    • TheNewGirl

      Hi Michelle

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, there is a little but it isn’t enough compared to the “Norm” that the fashion and beauty industries and media deem. I want to see more! The retailing high street stores need to be following suit as well. For me, they should be leading the way in this as they are meant to be fashion for the people but like I said it is only when we demand that they will change.

      Thanks again.
      The Girl! x

  • Ghyoneka

    Thanks for sharing.

  • LaToya

    I absolutely love this!!! I agree with you 100% we are all beautiful no matter complexion, size, shape or any other difference. We are all unique in our own way and that makes us all even more beautiful! We are all queens!

    • TheNewGirl

      Hi LaToya

      Thanks for your comment and yes we are ALL beautiful queens! 🙂

      Thanks again.
      The Girl! x

  • Tania

    Love your outlook on beauty because that is how it should be. The online world is easy for trolls. I think as time goes by people will become aware of digital citizenship and how they present themselves online can and will affect their reality. The fashion industry is changing and overtime societies will.

    • TheNewGirl

      Hi Tania

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it should be that way! I hope that it will change sooner rather than later. We have been waiting too long already!

      Thanks again.
      The Girl! x

  • thequeenmomma

    Great writeup! I love Fashion and you got really nice objectives. 🙂

    • TheNewGirl

      Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it! x

  • erin bass

    I see diversity stepping in, but it does not seem fast enough; people seem to have such trepidation around featuring all sizes, which is so ridiculous! The reality is not everyone is the same size so how can we possible feel confident about buying and wearing what we see in magazines and all tv if they DON’T feature all sizes? I believe diversity is about acceptance. If these companies, magazines, film producers, etc can just start accepting that the world is made up of millions of beautiful people , all different sizes than we can start moving forward.

    • TheNewGirl

      Thank you for your comment, Erin. I totally agree with you! x

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